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Hi, I’m Hannah! I’m an illustrator and musician based in Leeds, and my work focuses on exploring and visualising music. I take an abstract and playful approach to creative immersive and interactive experiences.


I have synaesthesia, and I use this as a tool in my practice, along with sketchbook work, collage, digital and 3D work to create an interdisciplinary practice.


I create work for a number of applications, including for exhibition, installation, and for commission.

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About me

I have always seen the colour in the world, whether it be through the art that I make or the music that I listen to. Music is a fundamental part of my practice and also who I am as a person- my family have always been musical, so I grew up with the sounds of the piano and guitar underpinning my everyday life. I play a few instruments myself, but my one true instrument is my voice. I sang in a classical choir for ten years, and it shaped me into the person I am today.

I didn't realise I had synaesthesia until very recently. For a lot of synaesthetes, this discovery also happens later in life, because like me, most of them assume that everyone experiences the world the same way they do and that there's nothing special. Having synaesthesia is a gift, and one I am passionate about sharing with the world. Music brings so much colour to my life that all I want is to make that experience accessible to others that don't have synaesthesia themselves. Although it is very personal, at it's core my practice is one of community.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

phone: 07710578028

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